The following applies to the website. By using this website you agree with this disclaimer and the fact that the Netherlands could use a little class upgrade. Especially those people that walk around on campsites with toilet paper rolls under their armpits.

Privacy statement

You can visit this website without telling us who you are or providing any information about yourself. However, there are situations where we may need information from you, for example if you want to correspond with us, make an order or register. We aim to let you know beforehand when we collect personal information via the Internet. In real life however it is pretty normal to tell who you are before you enter someone’s domain. It’s not only classy, but could prevent a one-way trip to prison as well.

This website keeps count of the number of visitors, what websites they come from and what provider provides them access to the Internet. The results will only be used in an aggregate and not individually identifiable form.

Collected (personal) data will not be sold or made available to third parties. With the exception of special circumstances, as required by law. You can at any time ask us to remove your data from our files. You can also ask how we are feeling. It’s nice when people do that from time to time. But we’re doing great. Thanks!

Exclusion of liability

All information on this website is intended for personal use. No rights can be derived from this information. Modifications and typographical errors reserved. We strive to make all the information on this website as complete and accurate as possible. Black & Bianco Drinks BV accepts no responsibility for damage of any kind caused by the use, incompleteness or inaccuracy of the information provided on this website. For instance, we can’t promise you that your chances of multiplying will actually increase if you do Mr. Peacock’s minimalistic dance, but it will definitely be perceived more positive than the ‘faking a heart attack’-dance. That’s for sure.


The information and recommendations on this website are subject to change without prior warning or notice. We will however always stick to our opinion that white socks in sports slippers are a no-go. No exceptions.
We strive to make this website available as much as possible, but we accept no responsibility for any consequences as a result of (temporary) unavailability.

When Mr Peacock is in his helicopter off to Cannes, for instance.

Copyright and intellectual property

The copyright of this website is owned by Black & Bianco Drinks BV or by third parties who have authorized Black & Bianco Drinks BV to use their (picture) material like Mr. Lawrence-Fitzpatrick Darmundy Bullsworth Peacockery III and his pet tapir with a stomach problem.
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