Our Story

Jesse Vermeer, at the time 22 years old, has been involved since the start of Black & Bianco. With the vision to introduce wine and the wine culture at a convenient level to the starting wine consumer. Since 2017 Jesse has been graduated as official register viticulturist.

Quickly after, Black & Bianco is taken over by Coen Scholder and Jesse Vermeer. Coen originates from the beverage industry and has many years of experience in sales, marketing, production and distribution. Above all, from time to time, he enjoys a good glass of wine.


Jesse and Coen together make the first selection. After this professional tasters are introduced. Black & Bianco wants to open doors to making wine and the traditional wine culture. Selecting a good wine takes some knowledge. When selecting we take origin, taste, heritage and availability very serious.

Across the world we enjoy the most fantastic wines. Our mission is the share this experience of lovely tastes, so you don’t have to get lost within hundreds of labels, grape varieties and different bottles. Before filled inside a unique bottle, the grapes for our wines are handpicked and selected from different countries.

High Quality

Well-balanced combination of quality, smell, color and the unique packaging, after all we must first like what we see before we buy.

With our wine cocktails we intent to introduce wine to the early, by experience, wine consumer.

Drinking Black & Bianco, at home, in a restaurant or sitting outside enjoying the sunny weather, will always be a party!

Enjoy class by the glass, as with less we can’t be satisfied.

Have a glass of Class

Our Products

About us

Black & Bianco are a dynamic company that knows there is a lot more to wine than meets the mouth.

Mission: statement Respecting class and quality, while breaking with traditions in wine and packaging

Vision: Most renewing wine brand within the classic wine industry. Pure luxury in packaging and the selection of our wines; innovation with a unique identity.


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