Responsible use of alcohol

The opinion of Black & Bianco is that you should be able to enjoy alcoholic drinks, as long as done responsible. We as Black & Bianco try to contribute to improving the responsible use of alcohol. We are aware of our responsibilities and gladly takes action to ensure alcohol is not sold among children under the age of 18. In this matter, we handle a strict policy.

Drinking under 18

Black & Bianco does not sell alcoholic beverages to anyone under 18. Not only because this is forbidden by law, but mostly because we think no one under 18 should drink alcohol.

What could a parent do?

Parents are of big influence on the drinking habits of their children:

  • Give the right example;
  • Make clear rules: no drinking under 18;
  • Make sure you are well informed about the consequences alcohol use may have.

If you want more information, make sure to visit these (Dutch) websites: