This Innovation makes us very proud!
100% Black & Bianco 0% alcohol.

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Alcohol free Sparkling wine

Black & Bianco ZERO% has been made from white grapes; the wine we use has been dealcoholized through a sold and unique process. In short, we start with a premium white wine after which we take the alcohol out and add the fizz and some sugar. This then becomes the lovely balanced Black & Bianco ZERO%

To be served between 6 and 9 °C
Product of Germany
Best enjoyed when staying sober is your thing

Alcohol free Sparkling wine

The grapes we selected for Black & Bianco ZERO% are Airén, Chardonnay and Ugni Blanc. These provide a fresh fruity taste and the nice aroma of spring blossom and the smell of fresh citrus fruits. Maybe you smell even some alcohol, but no, there certainly isn’t any! Round sweet mouthfeel with a pleasant yet solid fizz.

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